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The Ecosystem is the only Tertiary archetype in this model, in that it combines all three primary archetypes – Product, Service, and Trade. This is the rarest and most difficult archetype to achieve but is the more desirable. Success with one primary or secondary archetype behavior typically opens up the opportunity to extend the brand into complimentary and synergistic offerings. A product creator for example, may start to offer services in support of their product. If that too is successful, they may begin looking at how to facilitate marketplace activities and a host of other supportive behaviors. All of the synergistic activity helps to entrench the brand as a market leader, and adds to the value chain and perceived value of the customer. Typical prototype examples of an ecosystem are the technology platform (Salesforce CRM, Microsoft, etc) and the media platform (NBC, Facebook, etc).

Indicative Attributes

  • Key partners: PaaS providers

  • Value proposition: Turnkey software and management

  • Key Activities: Develop software and manage servers

  • Monetization: Subscription fee


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