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This secondary archetype is a popular blend of a product and a service. The most common examples are software as a service (SaaS) and Content as a Service (CaaS). Rather than buying a tangible product one time at a maximum cost, the subscription model provides continued access to the product or service for a lesser monthly cost, and continues to update, improve, and support the product over its lifetime. The benefit for the business is a reduction in up-front cost, reduced dependency upon a marketplace, and a continued relationship with the customer. For the customer, its also a way to reduce up-front cost, and ofte means having access to more and better resources than if they needed to purchase the tangible equivalent.

Indicative Attributes

  • Key partners: Ecosystem platform owner

  • Value proposition: Customization and support of platform

  • Key Activities: Customization and maintenance

  • Monetization: Time and materials


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