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  1. Logo: A logo is an essential visual identity of any business. The sight of your logo anywhere indicates the presence of your business or brand. Your business card should contain all forms of your business identity. Your logo’s appearance on your business card will help you create a lasting impression on your clients.

  1. Name of Individual: You are inseparable from your business. Your name can serve as the first basis of familiarization with your new or potential client. Therefore, your name is one of the key elements you should include in your business card. The contact name of your business card will help your client to know what and how to address you.

  2. Name:
    The names that are included on your business card design should typically be the most prominent features. This should include the name of the businesses, or organization, the specific individual, along with their job title. The size and placement of names should involve careful consideration to gain the maximum effect. I.e. should the name of the company be the most prominent or should the focus go to the name of the employee?

  1. Contact Information: Leaving way for subsequent contact is one of the primary purposes of a business card. Therefore, leaving out your contact information is like leaving out fuel from a car. The essential contact information on your business card should include your E-mail address and phone numbers [fax, local number, and direct line]. Your contact information will provide an opportunity for your clients to be in touch and get in touch easily.

  1. Website Address: Online presence is a significant part of any business. Your website signifies your online presence and helps you expand your customer base. Likewise, including your website address on your business card will provide your clients and prospective clients a platform to read more about you and your business. Similarly, your website content can provide answers to their questions. You can also make your social media information available for an easy link-up.

  1. Job Title and Tagline of Description: Including a job title in your business card will boost your business reputation. Likewise, the tagline of description can help you give a powerful and compelling summary about you and your brand. The tagline of description can also serve as a crucial reminder about what you do to your clients.

  1. Graphic Images: Graphic images are crucial in business cards because they make the business card more attractive. Likewise, they improve the visual outlook and make it stand out among multitudes of cards. However, you should avoid overloading your card with graphic images to prevent clumsiness.

  1. Scope of Services and List of Products: This is mostly useful for two-sided cards. You should include the products you sell and the services you offer on your business card. This element will increase your chances of getting new clients. Likewise, it will familiarize your existing and potential clients with your brand.

  • Most CEOs lack the Time, and Energy to create a business card that gets attention.

  • Free Business Cards Consulting specializes in helping CEOs create business cards that keep clients wanting more.

  • So You can increase profit, and enjoy the fruits of Your labor!

How we deliver Free Business Cards?

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You provide a tad bit of information via the free business alignment form below.

  • Contact Information - Phone Number

  • Business Pain Points.

  • Free Initial Business Conversation Date

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After our free initial conversation we determine the business card design that best fits your business needs.

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As we progress through the work, You will be kept abreast of our progress. 

We have multiple meetings in between to make sure that you are satisfied with the work being completed.

We come to an end when we complete the work as initially agreed upon.

Start Your Business Alignment Process, Now

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